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Supreme Quality Aluminium Window Profile Suppliers in China

New Construction Aluminium (Ncalu) has been among the sought-after aluminium window profile suppliers and aluminum profile manufacturer in China. The finish we offer and timeliness of our order delivery keep us among the leading companies in aluminum window profile makers. With competent structures and highly skilled people in place, the company meets the strategic goals of understanding and meeting the needs of each market. Thus, efficiently assisting our customers in achieving their business goals. So, be our partner and satisfy your customers for life.

What Sets us Apart


We are operating among a few other aluminium window profile suppliers since 1998. With over two decades of rigorous experience, we have the industry insight that hardly anyone has in the market. We know what the consumers' demands are and what aluminum window profile buyers expect from us.

Top Human Resource

To maintain our position as a leading supplier of aluminium window profiles, we make every effort to hire the brightest minds in the production of high-quality elastic bands. We currently have the best available manufacturing and marketing personnel. They all worked together to make Ncalu the leading manufacturer of high-quality aluminium profiles.


Competitive market pricing is what we work for. Our financial structure and choice of quality raw materials allow you in grabbing world-class aluminum profile windows for your premises. To edge out other aluminium window profile suppliers, we use the technologically advanced and latest equipment to produce our products. Despite giving quality, our product pricing is a market- affordable and competitive for industrial users.

Lasting Relationship

We eye and enjoy a lasting relationship with our raw material suppliers. We believe they are the fuel that keeps Ncalu’s engine running without any major hiccup. This partnership aids us in offering the highest quality aluminum window profiles consistently.

Benefits of Our Aluminium Window Profile

Efficient and Durable Aluminium Window Profile

At New Construction Aluminium Co., LTD (NCA) you will find an aluminium window profile that is efficient and 100% durable. We want our customers to be completely satisfied with our products.

Economical Price

We know the value of money, therefore we give our customers our products at economical prices. This is the reason customers choose us among other aluminium window profile suppliers in China.

Abrasion Free

Our aluminium window profile is abrasion-free so our customers can stay worry-free. This way our aluminium window profile lasts longer than the brand's products.


1. What are Aluminium Window Profiles?

Aluminium window profiles are specialized framing systems made from durable aluminium alloys, used to create window frames for various types of windows.

2. What types of Aluminium Window Profiles are available?

There are different types, including casement profiles (hinged windows), sliding profiles (horizontal gliding windows), awning profiles (top-hinged windows), and fixed profiles (non-opening windows).

3. What are the benefits of using Aluminium Window Profiles?

Aluminium window profiles offer advantages such as durability, energy efficiency, aesthetic appeal, low maintenance, and customization options.

4. Are Aluminium Window Profiles suitable for all climates?

Yes, aluminium profiles are adaptable and perform well in various climates, including coastal regions due to their resistance to corrosion.

5. Can Aluminium Window Profiles be customized to fit unique designs?

Absolutely, these profiles can be customized in terms of color, finish, and shape to match specific architectural and aesthetic preferences.

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