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Best Quality Metal Forging Supplier in China

New Construction Aluminum (Ncalu) is among the top Chinese forging parts manufacturers. We have the top workers along with the technological resource that keeps us ahead of the game. Our metal forging gives the best results along with durability.

Metal Forging Supplier Suitable for Many Industries

Our team of industrials and expert forging technicians has the capabilities and knowledge to perform mass productions of components. All the parts that require complex shapes are manufactured from a variety of raw materials, including alloy steels, steel, and aluminum.

Using equipment that can go up to 1000 tons, each part is produced under immense pressure. As a reliable Metal forging supplier, we test them for structural integrity to satisfy the industry standards needed in the automobiles, construction, power sports, and agriculture industries.

Why You Should Work with Us

As you shortlist forging parts manufacturers, it’s crucial to keep the following four characteristics in mind:

  • Quality of components, standards, and raw materials
  • Timeliness of delivery based on an agreed schedule that focuses on quality products and quick lead times
  • Experience with a range of processes, industries, and cutting edge technologies
  • Client service that includes quality assurance throughout the process, unlike other forging parts manufacturers

What Sets us Apart

Advance Metal Forging Services

As a metal forging supplier, we use technical and innovative processes. Our customers can enhance part performance, reduce production costs, reduce material waste and shorten lead times when complementing their teams with our advanced forging services.

Unique Benefits with a Unique Culture

If you have the curiosity, drive, expertise, and team spirit to offer the best for your customers, Ncalu is the right partner for you. We have an encouraging culture that enhances the overall performance.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the best metal forging parts from the top-notch metal forging supplier.

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