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High Quality Bright Dipping Aluminum Extrusion in China

New Construction Aluminum (Ncalu) has made its name as a top supplier of bright dipping aluminum extrusion. Ncalu has been around in the aluminum extrusion industry since 1998 and has hundreds of successful buyers under its belt. We have a client base that is satisfied and helping us move forward.

Why Our Bright Dipping Aluminum Extrusion Service

For Environmental Protection:

The natural oxide film on aluminium protects it from corrosion, but in harsh environments, additional protection may be required. Extreme moisture, humidity, and temperature variations, as well as use in near-ocean environments, too can expedite corrosion. In these cases, an added finish can aid in mitigating the metal's environmental impacts.

For Metal Preparation:

An added finish might also be required if you need to prepare the metal surface for paint or coating.

Anodizing is an electrical procedure and is used to improve the thickness of the layer of natural oxide on the metal parts’ surface. Anodizing enhances aluminum’s organic corrosion resistance and increases the wear protection of the aluminum.

For Improved Appearance:

Finishing may also be required for aesthetic reasons, especially in consumer products where appearance is frequently the most important requirement. Depending on the look you want to achieve—a brightly colored finished product, a mirror finish, or a textured look, for example—different techniques can be used.

What Sets us Apart

Human Resource

We have the top-notch human resource necessary to run a bright dipping aluminum extrusion company. We always attract quality, skilled and experienced staff who know what they are doing. Due to our engineers, we always produce high-quality extrusion items to retain our clientele.

High quality bright dipping aluminum extrusion

We claim to produce top-notch bright dipping aluminum extrusion and that too in market competitive rates. So, contact us now!

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