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Top Quality Chinese Anodizing Aluminum Profiles Manufacturer

New Construction Aluminum (Ncalu) is a renowned supplier of anodizing aluminum profiles and aluminum extrusion. With a known brand name and the fastest-growing company in South China, Ncalu has made its name in less time.

Ncalu has emerged due to its internal geometry and dimensionally accurate profiles. It offers the most robust surface anodizing aluminum profiles and that too at an affordable price.

Our Highlights

Our profiles work well as an additional structure for a massively modified 3d printer along with dual x-axis linear roll bearings, dual direct drive extrusion, and twin y-axis linear roll bearings.

All our clients receive their orders in a timely manner. The orders received are always as advertised and pictured. Further, the finish I always undamaged, uniform, and the rails are straight with desired surface square.

You can expect our anodizing profiles as advertised.

What Sets us Apart


We believe that businesses that focus on their customers function better. As a result, our primary purpose is to give maximum client pleasure through our extraordinary efforts. We know what end-consumers and thus, we inform and help our customers in telling them what their customers would want from you.

Quality with Timelines

As an experienced anodizing aluminum profiles supplier, we aim to strike a balance between time and quality. We pay close attention to each of our clients, listen to their needs, provide work on time, and maintain high-quality standards throughout the process.

Relentless Passion

We believe that success stems from passion. So, we strongly commit to each of our customers and buyers to ensure our aluminum profiles are worth their investment and time. We make sure we give proper value for money by having the assistance of seasoned professionals and skilled expertise.

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call and get your anodized profiles now!

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