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Top Quality China LED Aluminum Profile Manufacturer

New Construction Aluminum (Ncalu) is the top led aluminum profile manufacturer in South China. We have made our mark due to top-notch equipment and seamless performance over the past decade.

What Sets Our LED Aluminum Profile Apart


Milky white cover disperses LED strip lights, offering a more uniform and softer light, perfect for accent and decorative lighting


Not only our LED aluminum profile offers a decent heat dissipation manufactured by LED strips, but its cover also protects the LEDs from exposure to hair, dust, and physical contact.

Wide Uses:

Achieve backsplash and under-cabinet lighting, backlighting, and accent with ease. Light up your kitchen, patio, living room, closet, bedroom, and quite an easy installation.

All-round Application

Our profile’s milky white cover offers a well-diffused light, comparable to neon effect and perfect for accent and decorative lighting. Our profiles are very suitable for recessed/surface mounting to tie-in furniture, shelves, under cabinets, balconies, living room, drywall, hotel, shopping mall, wooden partitions, etc.

Why Choose Us

Skilled People

We have the best human power if we talk about our engineering staff. We always believe that human resource is the key for any led aluminum profile manufacturer to be on the top of the industry. We always acquire and hire skilled and experienced staff to remain ahead of the competition.

Latest Equipment

We know that technology is our main forte. Through cutting-edge technological equipment, we attract new buyers on a consistent basis. We acquire plant and equipment from top-notch sources and we have a friendly relationship from raw materials as well.


We are operating as a led aluminum profile manufacturer since 1998. With over two decades, we know what the consumers need and how consumer behavior has changed over time. Thus, experience always helps us in different aspects of our manufacturing and marketing.

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