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High Quality Powder Coating Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturer

New construction Aluminum (Ncalu) has been among the top supplier of powder coating aluminum extrusion in China. Our reputation as a leading aluminum extrusion manufacturer and distinct value addition has made us a renowned brand in the market.

What is Powder Coated Aluminum

Powder coating is a coating type that is manufacturers apply as a free-flowing dry powder. This coting is unique from the traditional wet paint coating types. Wet paint has the application of using an evaporating solvent, while powder coating is applied via electrically charging the metal and complies with electrostatic metal. The powder is baked in a curing process typically under heat.

What Sets us Apart

Future Looker

As a powder coated aluminum manufacturer, we always take a unique approach to serve our customers in the best possible manner. We always remain aware of what is going on in the market and what our customers would expect from us.

Ncalu wishes to grow with you and would always be there to help you in every future step as a reliable powder coating aluminum extrusion supplier.

Quality Assurance

At Ncalu, excellence and quality go hand in hand. From procurement of raw material to your finished powder coated aluminum extrusion, no process is marked as finished without rigorous quality assurance testing.

Similar to larger Powder Coated Aluminum manufacturers, we spot-check quality throughout their process. The industry-leading process makes sure our clients get top-quality powder coating.

Best Resources

Our extensive human and technical resources enable us to work with small-scale businesses or large-scale scale powder coating aluminum extrusion buyers. Also, our customer service is quite important to us. To offer quality extrusion, we work to build strategic yet strong partnerships with each of our buyers.

These corporate relationships enable us to do mass-production of powder coated aluminum, efficiently and on budget.

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